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Frequently Asked Questions

You're a small company, can you handle large projects?

Not only are we experienced designers, plantsmen, masons, and even woodworkers, but from years of business we have established a strong network of pool builders, irrigation specialists, remodelers, carpenters, architects, electricians and more. Whatever you want in an outdoor space, we can help you bring it to life and are happy to manage whatever your project entails.

You charge for design? How much is it?

We have found that the artistry of a variety of trades has suffered in years past due the unfortunate dismissal of the value of design. In spite of this, we strongly believe that the design process is one of—if not the—most important step in any craft. While some may hesitate to invest in design, we know that experienced designers have the knowledge and resources to maximize a project budget while maintaining the desired style and feeling of a space. We are happy to report, that all of our customers arrive at the end of their project in complete agreement. Depending on the scale of your project our design costs typically range from $1,000 up to $5,000.

Do I need to know my project budget?

No. We are happy to design projects for customers who know exactly the budget they want to fall within. However, many of our customers come to us saying “we don’t know what we need to spend.” In the design process, we will discuss overall project budget as well as approximate cost ranges of different elements of the project as we develop them—project design, budgeting, and phasing all work hand in hand.

Can you design to a specific budget?

We find most people fear using a designer because they won't create something within the client's budget. On the contrary, we (and our customers) find that investing in design maximizes their budget because of the designer’s ability to introduce thoughtful and creative solutions to problems.


Are you taking on new projects right now? When can you start? When can you finish?

We are always taking on new projects. As a small design and build boutique focused on the client experience we can only take on a limited number of projects per year, which are typically by referral. We are intentional about working with clients to accommodate specific deadlines, so long as we have sufficient time to complete projects (or phases of projects) without compromising our level of workmanship.

What now? Where do I begin?

John handles all preliminary contact and design personally. Feel free to call, text or email anytime and set up a time to meet and discuss your project.

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